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Forester 2001, P0131 Weirdness

Hey Folks need some help,

Got a P0131 so changed the upstream O2 sensor, cleared the code and took for a test drive about 5 minutes out, code came back.

Using an obdII logger(Torque and an ELM device), the O2 sensor looked normal, showed around .5 volts and bounced around when moving the throttle. Temp sensor matched the gauge, started cold around 70 Deg, and went up to 204, but generally was around 192-194. But the Fuel status kept indicating Open Loop due to insufficient Temperature. Also at this point the performance was terrible, kept bogging down when I stepped on the throttle. MAP sensor seems to be working as well indicating vacuum. Now it get's weird. I do the throttle relearn procedure, disconnect the battery wait 15 step on brake, run for 10 min at idle and another 10 with AC full blast. The O2 sensor shows 5 Volts, and no movement. I'm like doh! got a bad O2 sensor. Replace the O2 sensor again and check the output, everything looks good, using the odbii logger I see the voltage bouncing around between .2 and .8 or so, the downstream bounces around .07-.7. Performance is still bad, so I do the throttle relearn. But when I start it after the relearn, the upstream O2 again reads 5V steady, like it's dead again. Performance is ok, but again won't go in to closed loop, stays open loop with insufficient temperature and 5 minute test drive gives me the P0131 again. What the heck is going on? Am I burning out O2 sensors? Is that even possible? Why?

Things I've tried, checked O2 harness, cleaned three grounds, 2 on the engine transmission, one by the battery. Cleaned the throttle body where I could. Cleaned the coil pack connections. Disconnect/Reconnected the coolant temp sensor to clean the contacts, but it seems to be working. Cleaned the idle bypass, cleaned battery terminals, system voltage when running is 13.6V. Checked for vacuum leaks at the cruise control servo, power brakes, various manifold hoses, spraying carb cleaner at each connection, didn't find anything.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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use denso or OE from the dealer
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